If you are a fan of card games, you might have come across a casino war game. For those new to table games, you can visit 1001-online-casino to play some game varieties. So what is the casino war? Well, it is a casino table game that follows the game of war as the theme. For novice card game payers, Game of War is the best place to start. It is easy to master the moves and also understand some basic strategies. Casino War is the only card game where a player has over 50% chances of beating the dealer. However, before you can play the game, it is good to understand its gameplay. Being a game of card, it is easy to master if you have ever played poker.

The Game Play

The players in this game uses 52 card decks. The ranking of cards here follows the similar way as it is done on a poker game. The only defference is the fact that aces here are the highest cards. The game starts when the dealer and player picks a card each. The player wins the bet if his/her hand has a card with a higher ranking than that of the dealer. The player will lose in case his card is ranked below that of the dealer. In the event that both player and dealer's cards have a similar ranking, it is called a tie situation. Here, the player determines the game. He has only two options which are;

  1. Suredering (conciding the defeat).
  2. Going to war.

In case the player concides the defeat, he will lose the half of the wagered bet. In case he goes to war, he must double the bet. In the event of the later (going to war), the dealer discads (burds) three cards before the next round starts (both player and delaer picks another card). Here, the player will win the original bet in case of the two outcomes; if the his aditional card is higher than that of the dealer and also if both dealer and player's cards have the same ranking. If the card of the dealer is ranked higher, the player loses the game. In the event of a tie, a player can also place a side bet.

The Game Strategy and the House Advantage

Like any other game, casino war requires a strategy. The basic strategy discourages the player from suredering. In the event that a bonus is being offered by the casino,surrendering increases the house advantage. On the first bet both the player and the dealer have 46.3% of winning the game. Does it seem an even money game? Yes it is. Well, the house advantage comes into practice in the event when there is a tie. House advantage is the advantage of the house against a player. Casinos uses house advantage to make the players lose the game. By so doing, they make profit. The average house advantage of this game is always around 2%. However, it might increase or decrease depening on the factors below;

  • When the number of decks increases.
  • When the casino gives out a bonus.

The casino war game has been in the market since 1993. The first version was developed by a Nevada based IT company known as Bet Technology. 1994, Bet Technology acquired patent rights to become the sole producer and distributor of the game. Most casinos within Carson city started including casino war in their games. However, in 2004, a giant betting company known as Shuffle Master acquired most Bet Technology assets including the Casino war game. Suffle Master is a company that is located in Paradise, Nevada. It specializes in production of table games, shuffling machines and slot machines. It is a member of Scientific Games coporation. To date, Casino war game is available in almost all the casinos across the world.